Get in touch now for more information on our stone wall building services.

Get in touch now for more information on our stone wall building services.

Stone Walls

If you want to take your garden or outdoor space to the next level, DJ Landscapes offers a range of stone wall planning, building, and installation services which will give your space the “wow” factor.
Our expert tradesmen are professionals when it comes to the planning and building of stone walls, giving your space a rustic, homely, and charming feel.
Our garden stone walls can be adapted to be built into any space, no matter how big or small, and are crafted using locally sourced limestone and granite stone.
As well as providing plenty of beauty to your outdoor space, our stone wall installation services add extra security, privacy and value to your property.

Benefits of Stone Walls:

  • Create Homely Atmosphere

  • Define Your Garden Space

  • Give More Privacy

  • Increase Security

  • Can Act as a Support to Plants and Trees

  • Long-Lasting Wall Option

  • Durable and Strong

  • Adds Value to Your Home

Thinking of getting a stone wall built in your garden? Give us a call now.

Stone Walls FAQ

  • How much does it cost to get a stone wall?

    The price of installing a stone wall varies greatly depending on what materials you want to use and how big your wall is going to be. DJ Landscapes offers professional stone wall building services, with free quotes on all services.

  • Can I plant flowers near a stone wall?

    Yes, absolutely. Many climbing plants work well planted on, or near to, stone walls. The wall acts as a support for these plants and can help them to thrive as they grow towards the sun.